Are you hurting your business by commiting critical errors in these areas?

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Website + Copywriting

Your website is your 27/7 salesperson. How many people visit your website per month? They all "meet" this salesperson, your website. Is it getting email signups? Is it showing people the thing they came to see? Is it giving people a cookie? Does it inspire people to buy? Does it reflect your brand image? Since you literally control this salesperson, there's no reason why it shouldn't be working for you 110%.


Email Marketing

Let's assume you're collecting every visitors email. Do you have a regular newsletter? Is it optimized and planned far in advance? It's important that you treat every website visitor preciously because they are all potential clients. Your CRM, email newsletter sender, and website must all work together.


Goals + Analysis + Change

Failing to use Google Analytics or analytics of social media channels is probably the thing that trips up business owners the most. Where do you even start? There's a firehose of data available to you for free with the push of a few buttons. But, what are you looking at? What KPIs do you track? It all depends on your goals!


Search Engine Optimization

It's the thing everyone hates to talk about but has to eventually. To be fair, there are many businesses who have invested heavily in search engine optimization; and have the battle scars to prove it. But for many, it's something that you "should"get serious about "someday." If you don't have money to spend on digital advertising, someday needs to be today. There's just no way around.


Social Media Marketing

Whether you use social media for lead generation or to promote a product, you company needs to be "social" with the rest of the world. Does that mean you need to be posting daily on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or 100 others? No. You need to be in the places your current and prospective customers are, providing them with related content.


Mobile + Tablet

Even if you have the basics of the previous 1-5 completed, tablets and mobile phones continue to make an impact on how people find and interact with your online business. The web design is different and even, people expect different things when they are looking at the internet from their phone / tablet versus when they are at their desktop computer.


SaaS Automation

This is new since the last time I published this guide. It is the failure to use the latest Software As A Service (SaaS) tools to automate important digital marketing functions for your online business; lead generation, CRM, ecommerce, social media, SEO, analytics, property management, all have SaaS solutions to common business problems. Marketing automation MUST be used in order to grow your online business.


Want More?

Can you afford to hire a digital marketing consultant? Or, do you have enough time to do everything yourself? Here's an article I wrote explaining how hiring an expert can help you increase your online business leads and revenue: