Update of Recent Facebook Changes

You heard it here first! I’ve been saying it forever and no one ever listens to me… Facebook has made a bunch of changes without a big formal announcement.

Here’s what everyone will be talking about tomorrow:

  • the “Subscribe” button – you don’t have to “Friend” a guru, you can just “Subscribe” to him/her
  • now you have the ability to view who has shared a post on a page
  • you no longer need 25 likes to get a Facebook “vanity” URL
  • say goodbye to Pages’ Messages (a.k.a. “Facebook Email”)….what the hell are affiliates going to do!?



Bernard-Joseph is a digital marketing strategist, content marketing manager, web designer, and social media expert living in Paris with over 20 years of corporate and private marketing experience. He writes about technology, productivity, travel marketing and the arts.

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