Thursday, October 31, 2002

Hey! It’s not porno, it’s art! (And I thought *I* liked to push the envelope!) This is a real ad for the new fragrance by YSL. It’d make me consider buying if I hadn’t received a free sample at Bloomies this past weekend. For the record, the way he looks and the way it smells aren’t even close. Let’s put it this way, if it wasn’t already winter here, I bet you could keep the mosquitoes away with it. Now if you give me a free life-sized poster with purchase, then maybe I’d purchase. Click the pic to get the article.

Don’t have much to say tonight so I won’t bore my (two) readers with a daily recap of events. I do want to mention (for myself to keep track) that I practiced tennis tonight AND worked arms/shoulders.

I’m a little sad that more of my existing friends aren’t checking out my site but I’m conversing with some really kewl new people and besides, I must remember this site is also for me; to practice writing, keeping track of my thoughts/activities over time, etc. (All that junk from, like, my second post.)

Stay tuned this weekend for my Top 100 and POSSIBLY a new look.

Originally posted on Blogger when I wrote under the pseudonym pianoforte.

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