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If you are going to spend a fortune on a window display that hundreds of people stop to take a photo of, put your damn store name/logo somewhere on the window so that when people stop and take a photo—and they surely will if you’ve got THIS in your window!—it will get shared on social media and people will know who you are.

That little placard on the floor just said, “It’s time to collect diamonds. WINTER SALE” That’s it! 🤯

I understand the French are more “subtle” than Americans but I’m sure they could find a classy way to get their store name into the photo.  #missedopportunity

Sorry for that little rant but somebody missed class on the day they taught Social Media Marketing & Branding 101.

/rant 💀


Bernard Burch

Bernard-Joseph is a francophone and property rental expert offering relocation & other travel services to individuals and corporations in Paris for over 10 years. Passionate about everything related to France: history, property, culture, and daily life in Paris.

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