Saturday, October 26, 2002

Had a shitty half-a-day yesterday. Was really pissed off when I got home last night. I’m dying to know how much banks make in overdraft fees in a year. Whatever! So I did a little surfing then went to bed reading about JavaScript. (Got a new idea I want to check out.) CT, did you get my message? I’ll go on Sunday, I promise.

I’m teaching this morning. I heard yesterday unofficially that I’m booked all day. Which would suck be cause I’m in desperate need of getting my hair buzzed. Plus I’m in the mood to do some shopping. God I love paydays! Except this one hits in a wierd part of the month. A little early to pay rent, but the next payday is a little late to pay it. Decisions decisions… Planning to try and workout today (bi, tri, & shoulder) and practice my serve a little. Still a little sore from the other day.

My teaching schedule wasn’t full today after all. But in (2) weeks I have 12 new students starting! So in two weeks momma’s going to buy herself a new purse. Who am I kidding? I spent that money today. Told you I felt like shopping! Got my hair cut. Stocked up on some Aveda products. A couple or so books. Bought a couple cute sweaters at the mall. Yeah yeah, I bought more books. But they’re USED books. So that’s ok, right? But they’re books about writing, and you want me to get better at writing don’t you? Seeee!

So I’m at the barbershop talking to the owner. (He cuts my hair.) And he’s telling me about this new shop he’s opening and how he’s going to help train these people and get them started. And I’m asking questions. It’s all very interesting. When (am I smoking dope here?) I’m like, you can make HOW much cutting hair? Who the hell knew? And you can make your own hours. And you don’t have to put up with corporate bullshit. And you can spend all day surrounded by guys. And I would have extra time to workout, teach, direct, compose, learn a new language, read, write, etc. Unless I’m completely missing something here, SIGN ME UP! Unlike CDs, people are always going to need their hair cut, right?! I think I’m going to ask him out to lunch next week and pick his brain a little. I can’t believe I’m even considering this…

I gave up a long time ago ever expecting to learn how to compose photographs. So I envy and admire those who do. (I CAN play a mean Chopin Etude so I’m not COMPLETELY useless.) Anyway, I think most are familiar with The Mirror Project. Here’s another kewl idea using matchbox cars. Maybe if I keep looking at all these fabulous sites something will click. *shrug*

Originally posted on Blogger when I wrote under the pseudonym pianoforte.


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