Retargeting with Remarketing

Ever wonder what happens to approximately 98% of website visitors who leave your site before buying anything? (a.k.a. “converting”) Well, studies show that up to 98% of website visitors leave a site before ever completing the owners’ intended action (registration, purchase, etc.)

Got a site with 100k monthly visitors? Yeah, up to 98% of them don’t sign up for your newsletter or buy something or whatever it is that you want them to do when they get to your site. So, 2k of your 100k visitors did what you wanted them to do. 98k didn’t and they are gone!

That 98% figure is what I call your Visitor Attrition Rate. (VAR) Hopefully *your* “VAR” isn’t 98%. If you’re not sure what it is, you can easily figure it out by subtracting the number of monthly “transactions” from the number of unique monthly visitors (and dividing by the number of unique monthly visitors to get a percentage.)  Like so…

Now, would you agree that if a person comes to your website they are—and probably always will be!—interested in the products or services you offer? Especially if you are *paying* for traffic to your website, why would you say to yourself “well, I hope that lost 98% comes back to my site someday.”? Because as my favorite saying goes, “Hope is not a Strategy.”

There’s a way for you to identify and target YOUR website visitors—among the sea of other internet banner ads—after they leave your site. Whether you’re a Blogger or a Big Business, the technology is available to you. If you’re an brick & mortar small business or a beginning blogger, you can take advantage of Google’s reMarketing technology. Medium- to Large-size businesses have Google plus a host of other reTargeting companies that can create ad campaigns that target a SPECIFIC product to a SPECIFIC user who abandoned that product in their shopping cart on your site.

So what is remarketing/retargeting? Basically, they’re just 2 sides of the same coin. Retargeting has been around for several years to many large companies who could afford the technology. Then, last year, Google announced their own retargeting technology that they call “remarketing.” Now, *any* business, large or small, can use Google’s self-service advertising platform (AdWords) to create a retargeting campaign.

To explain this further and show you exactly how to set it up, I’ve written an eBook. You can get a copy over at the WarriorForum for a ridiculously cheap price.  Click here to check it out.

Bernard Burch

Bernard-Joseph is a francophone and property rental expert offering relocation & other travel services to individuals and corporations in Paris for over 10 years. Passionate about everything related to France: history, property, culture, and daily life in Paris.

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