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If you’re an online marketing consultant (or even if you are not), you are missing a huge opportunity if you and/or your clients aren’t including remarketing in your marketing strategy mix.  Now every time I say this to a group of people, inevitably a hand shoots up almost as fast as the words leave my mou….

So what’s the question they always ask?  I’ll give you a hint. It’s not “what’s remarketing?”! (I’d already covered that earlier in the presentation, silly.) It’s “I’m *just a little* (accounting, barber, plumbing, pizza, blogging…you fill in the blank!) ___________________ business, how can remarketing help me?

Something that I want to clarify right now is that I’m *NOT* in the camp of those who say  you need a minimum amount of website traffic for remarketing to be effective.  Here’s why…  Let’s say you only spend $10 a month on AdWords ReMarketing advertising. (That’s a *small* amount for those of you keeping score.) If you could achieve up to a $900% ROI (which is oft’ cited), that would be $100 for the month.  Let me put it another way.  If I gave you a $100 bill every time you gave me a $10 bill, how many times would you exchange with me? Or, even, if I gave you a $25 bill every time you gave me a $10 bill….?

It’s percentages, people!

Even if you have only a paltry amount of website visitors today, if you don’t start now when will you?  Remarketing is cumulative.  Paltry is relative.

Offline Marketing Applications for Remarketing

So by now, if you’re a consultant, you’re probably thinking, “get on with it already”….I know all of this.  Okay, ok….

Each client has a unique set of marketing needs and priorities depending on the type of business they operate. Remarketing is not going to be the right thing for all of your clients.  But here’s the test question…

Would/does *paid* traffic help this business?

To be honest with you, I can’t think of many (but there ARE some!) businesses who could NOT benefit from paid traffic to their website. Let me try to think of an “extreme” example…

A Mechanic who only works on Hondas. What good is a website to a mechanic?! So that people can find his phone number, hours, etc?  Well, technically, yeah…  But remember, every business wants this…to get a 1st-time customer to come back. So dream with me here…the “perfect” mechanic website contains:

  • a prominent place where the Honda office staff sends customers to Review their services. On that webpage, customer gets “tagged” for remarketing.
    • this remarketing pixel delivers branding, helpful hints, reminder and referral program ads for 1.5 years!
  • a remarketing pixel on the home page for *any* organic traffic
    • this remarketing pixel delivers branding, specials, reminders, etc.
  • a blog about things that would interest Honda owners (that *sounds* boring but, trust me, check Google News for “honda owners” and see what you come up with!

See what I mean?  And another 10+ bullets we could go on…

If you’re reading this far, you MUST be a online marketing consultant so I’ll let down the ol’ guard.

This is an amazing technology that we have access to. You and me, we can learn how to do this 100 years before our clients ever will know about it. And I’m telling you that when you see this technology working properly, it will blow your mind. This technology is *so* new that people haven’t even started imagining the possibilities.

I’m telling you that the first time you set up one of these campaigns…within hours… your phone is going to ring and it’s going to be the CEO of the company….and before you get out “hello”…he’s going to be gushing, “oh my god, everybody’s calling me…they’re asking how our ads are all over the internet!!”

When that happens, you have just PROVEN that you’re the Ultimate Marketing Person for that company! And it’s easy…remarketing.  Just understand a few basic concepts (and the rules to play by), and you can add several hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to your income.

Best Remarketing Guide Available

Remember:  98% of  your website visitors don’t purchase or contact OR VISIT you ever again!

Bernard Burch

Bernard-Joseph is a francophone and property rental expert offering relocation & other travel services to individuals and corporations in Paris for over 10 years. Passionate about everything related to France: history, property, culture, and daily life in Paris.

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