Tours & Travel Services

Experience Paris Like A Local !

Anyone can book a group tour “experience” on one of those big chain websites and the internet is littered with free “visit Paris” information.
So why do you need me?

Don’t you find visiting a new city more exciting and fulfilling when you know someone who lives there? Well, I can be that guy for you. I am passionately in love with Paris and take joy in showing it to people through my eyes.

Private Guided Tours

I am a certified tour manager who has been giving tours in the United Sates & France since 2003. Whether it's groups of 40 people on a cross-country bus or customized individual tours, I am passionate about travel and helping you get the most out of your vacation time.

Travel Planning

Don't waste hours scouring websites and finding the same boring, outdated information. Tell me your interests and what you think you want to see and I'll help you plan what to do and when. If you want, I can also help you find restaurants, cafes, or suggest unique Paris activities you might never discover on your own.


Whether you want a vacation rental apartment or a hotel, I am committed to helping you find a place to stay that meets your budget: whatever it may be. My network of Paris connections offers locations throughout the city that will give you a glimpse of true Parisian life: shopping at outdoor "farmer" markets, meeting local merchants, and of course, finding a café where they will remember your face and your favorite drink.

My story

Bonjour! The story about my life before becoming an adopted, French-speaking Parisian is long and circuitous. You are welcome to read it here.

My first steps in Paris were in 1985. After 20 years of “threatening” to move here, I finally did it in 2013 with only two suitcases to my name….and have never regretted it.

A couple years later, I married a French man and that was the cherry on the cake: life would never be the same.

Why it took me so long to move is a mystery. France has everything I love and appreciate in life: good food & wine, arts, culture, history, sophistication, and above all, liberté, égalité, and fraternité.

Since moving from San Francisco, I have been working in the travel & tourism industry as a certified tour guide & travel consultant to apartment rental agencies, tourism websites, and individuals looking to make the most out of every Parisian moment.

Not only is Paris dazzling, romantic, and timeless, she is changing constantly; while always remaining the most visited (and beautiful) city in the world. This is why it is good to have someone “on the ground” helping you.

Don’t listen to people who say the French are rude and unfriendly. To that I say, horse merde! If you’re not an “ugly tourist”, and if you’re reading this you probably aren’t, they are exceptionally nice and polite.

I give my tours in an informal, relaxed style. They’re like having a good friend sharing secrets of his hometown rather than a guide reciting a memorized script and knowing little about the daily life. We’ll even talk to the locals in French!

At all times, you are encouraged to ask me questions about anything. I’ve been an educator all my life so I want everyone to love and appreciate Paris as much as I do—within the subjects that interest them. And I promise, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for both of us!