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My First Cubase Project Complete

For several years, i’ve been interested in composing music on my computer. Since i studied music and conducting, played all the band instruments and am a computer geek, it only made sense. i always wanted to write a broadway musical like Into the Woods but also, since i first heard the theme to the television series “House of Cards”, i said to myself, “i want to do THAT!”

Cubase is a program that’s not particularly easy to learn so i just never got around to it. But after watching a lot of videos and, i finally feel like i’ve figured out the basics and am not afraid of it any more. There’s still a lot for me to learn. For example, the balance of the strings in this export isn’t as good as it sounded on my computer so i need to figure that out… but i had a really great time creating this project from scratch and want keep getting better so people will want to hire me to make music.

This sample actually reminds me a little of the “House of Cards” music:

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