monday, october 28, 2002

So apparently I need an “about” page. *sheesh* I wouldn’t know where to begin. I really keep things close to my sleeve you know. Besides, where would I put it? I mean, I’m not sure how to do it when I’m using Blogger as my host. I will look into it. Your request has been duely noted.

I didn’t write much this weekend. I posted a lot but didn’t write much. Not too much happened. I went to CTs fabulous show yesterday. 100 years of music was the theme. Imagine cramming all that music into a two hour show! Think about how many popular tunes were in each decade. Hint: a lot. Anyway, I got some great ideas for creating a similar show complete with a multi-media presentation. Or you could also do movie music show starting with a kewl black and white scene (with strobe lighting behind a scrim) to old Wurlitzer organ music. You know, like the first “talkies.” or or or… well you get the point. Fun stuff. They didn’t suck too bad. 🙂

How is it that one can be soooo good at procrastinating when it comes to dealing with bills/mail? I am a fucking pro I tell you! I need someone to open all my mail and pay all my bills for me. Any volunteers? Using MY money of course. I seem to do it with email too. Takes me awhile to get to anything that’s not social. (Even then it might take me a month.)

Thought more about this barber thing. Not really sure where it’s going to lead. Talked to several people about it and no one seems to think that it’s a BAD idea per se. Not only could I make really decent cash but it would give me time to do other things that make me happy or make me more money (see previous discussions.) I’m going to interview the owner of the shop I go to on Friday and then tomorrow I want to make an appointment with his son–who is also in the business–to do the same with him. Stay tuned.

And to COMPLETELY change gears, I got a call from the lady at one of the big downtown ad agencies who really likes me. (Which is kewl, cuz I really really dig her.) Anyway, she wanted to make sure that I was still interested in working for her (remember all those interviews this summer?) and she is going to call me back later in the week to talk about hiring me sometime in the next 30 days. (Takes a while to get everything worked out.) Creative Director. That’d be my title. We’ll see. I don’t have my hopes up. I’ve been shat on several times in the last year when it comes to people (employers) loving me and promising me jobs. Plus, I’ve been following the parent company and they aren’t doing so well right now. But then again, neither are we and we’re a major retailer.

Tennis lessons tonight were fun as usual. I really MUST practice more during the week. I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not used to sucking at things I do and, well, this is one thing that I definitely don’t do as well as I think I can, should or want to. (I’m somewhere between a 2.5 and 3.0 for you USTA knowledgable people.) And when you suck and you know you didn’t practice then you’re (I’m) doubly hard on myself. (Quel suprise!) I was going to lift tonight but I every Monday I seem to get a headache late in the day. Gee, it wouldn’t have to do with back to back meetings literally from 9:30 – 5:00 (with 45 minutes for lunch.) Some days tennis gets rid of it and some days it doesn’t. Today was the later. Whatever…

My life always feels so busy and I’m always so active but I really want to date dammit. Actually, I’d like to skip the whole dating part and just go right to the relationship stage thank you. (I’m impatient that way if you didn’t know or couldn’t tell.) I’m all the things I like in a man so I know there’s at least one out there. Hmm, how does that clone thing work? Alas, until then I can’t fuck myself. (oops, was that my outside voice?) Although, I AM told that a lot…hmmm It’s been fun being alone and god knows I’m REALLY good at being single. It’s even what I wanted for a lot of years. Now it’s time for someone to tie me down. Err, saddle me up. Uh, I mean shower me with (oh you’re SO nasty!) lovely gifts(!) and affection but make me have to work for it a little. The point of all that was to say/ask that it’s possible to be super active and still find someone right? Right? Hello? Anybody?

A bed full of (clean) laundry staring at me. I dump it there so I can’t go to bed until it’s all folded and put away. That trick SO never works.

Everyone cross your fingers that I get the ad agency gig. It would mean a fab new boss for Joey with a fab new salary so I can buy this and this and this and and and… (I can always do the other thing later if I decide it’s interesting.)

That’s about enough. Err, it. This time change thing always kicks my ass for the first 3 or 4 months. Please DO NOT get me started on whether I think we should change time or not.

Oh look what I found, an empty laundry basket…

Originally posted on Blogger when I wrote under the pseudonym pianoforte.

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