Monday, November 4, 2002

Tomorrow is an important day people. My boi Justin is about to embark on his solo career. Surely to last many many years into the future. This guy is extremely talented and, like him or not, is going to be a part of our life for quite some time in the future. And dressed in grungy everyday clothes–not that little boy pop shit–he’s hot as all hell. 

Hmm, I’m asuming they’re going to bring me a copy tomorrow. I better call to make sure.

Tomorrow is also election day. Get your asses out and vote. (And no fucking excuses, eh!?) I’ve never ever been into politics and still I’m not; really. I’m all about voting though. I’m sure it’s not just me that has figured out the importance of voting in light of a possible war. I always thought putting my vote in for the President was good enough. Well that’s cuz everytime I voted, my guy won; except the last time. ugh! Whatever, I’m bored already. Just get out and vote. OK!?

Yesterday the weather was really nice. Well, for the 5 hours that the sun is actually up. Today I’m using a vacation day off work and of course it’s not very nice out. Cloudy and grey. The only color comes from the cars parked on the street and driving by. And boy, a shiny red car stands out the winter here I’m telling ya! That’s not why I bought it at the time but I’ll think about that next time I buy a car. 🙂

I’m slowly getting better at all this HTML, CSS, and JavaScript stuff. It suits my brain really. Creativity meets programming. (Well, not quite the right words but that’s all I could think of.)

I have a new favorite radio station thanks to a new favorite blogger Cucalambe. (I developing quite a big list of favorite bloggers.) If you’re on a real computer, you can download this playlist for iTunes.

If you haven’t read it yet, the Canadian stud puppy ( wrote a fantastic story that I think most of us can relate to. I would have waited until the next day to give the “punch line” but that’s just how I am.

I’m almost ready to post the list of books I’m reading, read, and want to read; along with my Amazon Wish List. Don’t roll your eyes bitch, it’ll tell you a lot about me. Oh, AND, (again no thanks to anyone but me) I’ve figured out how to do a complete “About” page. I’ve had to brush up on my Dreamweaver (MX) skills but it’s good practice for some of the other projects I want to do this winter. That program and Fireworks MX can be downloaded from LimeWire; the best mac file sharing program. Please don’t download any music though. That’s not right. (Of course the thousands of $$ in software I’ve downloaded is just fine though.)

Oh and speaking of… check out the ketchup song. It’s not the whole thing for space and piracy reasons but you’ll get the idea. Also, not that anyone is reading this blog but if you weird people with weird computers have problems with the file, please let me know what kind of problems you have with that link. I’d like to get better at posting. (Also, I’m writing off into the future here, please note that mp3 files won’t stay on the server for ever due to space limitations.)

That’s it for now. Gotta make a list of things to do today and take a shower. (I stink. *pewu*) More tonight.

SOMEONE redeemed themselves tonight by bending over backwards to tape the Barbara Wawa interview with my boi Justin for me. I really really really appreciate it. It ALMOST makes up for 6 months of procrastination. Oh, did i say that with my out-loud voice?

Are they done yet??

Tomorrow, I was planning to say Happy Justin Day or Happy Justingiving or Merry Justmas or Happy New Justin but instead have settled on… are you ready? …wait for it… Feliz Justidad! **thunderous applause** Thank you. Thank you very much. I’ll be here all week. Tip your waiters and waitresses.

Question (and I’m talking totally superficial here)… do people who are undeniably UNattractive (to most others) think that they are good looking? I mean if they don’t know they’re not, do THEY THINK they are good looking? And if so, how do you know you’re not one of them? Just something that crossed my mind today. If a tree falls in a forest… Sorry, today was one of those, everyone-is-staring-at-me kind of days; starting at the coffee shop, then the gym, and then the grocery. I don’t get it. I’m not that cute and not that ugly. And there were no boogers for miles. Whatever, do they have meds for low self-esteem days?


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