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How To Standardize Every Social Media Profile in 3 Easy Steps (+ Free Worksheet)


When was the last time you updated your social media profiles? Are they all optimized and consistent? How many profiles do you even have?

If you’re like me, you try to “stake a claim” for your brand or business name across all the popular social media websites on the internet to make sure you get the exact same name or spelling across all sites. It’s not completely necessary, but it looks more professional and it makes it easier for people to find you.

Don’t believe me? Search for your name/brand in Google to see what happens. If you are consistent, all your social media profiles will pop to the top so people can easily find and follow you.

The challenge is that, over the years, the list of sites where you might want to sign up has increased dramatically. With about 3.26 billion people using social media, that’s almost half the population on planet earth who log into social media. Wikipedia lists over 180 social media sites where you might want to promote your brand/business.

Obviously, you don’t have time—nor the need—to be on all of these websites. However, there are probably a couple dozen of them where you want to—at least—sign up, create a profile, and hold your name; even if you’re not active on the site.

But, if something changes and you want to update online brand, how do you remember what’s out there and what is the fastest way to make sure everything stays consistent so your customers/clients know, like, and trust you?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”

As a digital marketing consult, I have dozens of sites that I keep track of and I’m constantly updating my profiles on them. Over the years, I’ve made it easier for myself by creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all the social media profiles so that I can have them all in one place. Here’s what it looks like:

social media profiles

If you’re looking to improve your personal brand or the brand of your business, you can do it in 3 easy steps:

  1. Capture your current profiles
  2. Compare and add info
  3. Update existing or create new profiles

To help you get started, I’d like to share with you (free, of course) the spreadsheet that I use. The link is at the end of this article.

Besides keeping all your profiles together, two of the most helpful things you’ll find will be the links and the character counts. The links will take you directly to your profile on each of the main social media sites. Once you add in your profile text, the spreadsheet will calculate how many characters there are and compare it to the limit for that website. The count will turn red when you go over the limit.

If you’re using UTMs for your links, and you should when allowed, you can mark it so you’ll remember for the future. More information here.

Here’s how to help you write the best and most consistent social media profile for every social network:


Capture each current social media profile by filling in my “Digital Profile Manager” spreadsheet.

For each site listed where you have a profile, click on the “edit” button to visit your profile on that site. Add your user name and profile text by double-clicking the appropriate cell and pasting the information.

Note: Obviously, with hundreds of websites out there that you could be a member of, I don’t include every single one. You are welcome to add or delete the social media sites that are important to you.

I’ve included the most important ones for me and ranked them A-D. I encourage you to change the rankings based on the priority of that site for your business/brand.


“Audit” all of your social media profiles for consistency.

Once you have all your existing profiles added, look at each of them and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you using the same user name across all your digital profiles?
  • Does your profile incorporate the keywords that are relevant to your industry and niche?
  • Have you fully completed your “About” pages? Don’t leave anything blank!
  • Is your profile picture consistent across all social profiles?


Go back and update your profile on each social media site.

Once you’ve finalized everything, go back to the “edit” link and update your profiles. If you’ve completed the previous two steps, this will be fast and easy.

You can click on the “link” link to see your live profile to make sure the changes have taken place. While you’re there, look at your profile through your customer’s eyes. If you didn’t know yourself and you landed on that page for the first time, would you see what that person wants you to see?

Also, while you’re finishing up and reviewing your profile, be sure that your profile header image is up-to-date, reflects your brand, and is consistent with other profiles.

Almost everyone can make a good first impression.
Only a few will make a good lasting impression.


Did you know that it takes online users less than two-tenths of a second to form a first impression according to eye-tracking research conducted at Missouri University of Science and Technology. (source) So, it’s very important to be professional and consistent.

It’s exactly like meeting someone for the very first time. Again, think about the people who don’t know you already. Does your profile quickly get across your number one priority? Take a look at a few of your competitors and compare yours next to theirs. If your customers/clients had the choice between you or your competitors, which would they choose?

I know talking about yourself is hard. Doing it in 160 characters or less is even harder…but it is a part of being online in the 21st century and is critical to the success of your brand.

Your digital profile has to set you apart, but still reflect approachability. It needs to make you look accomplished, while not “braggy”. You should appear professional with just the right touch of personal je ne sais quoi. (See what I did there?😀 ) People generally give you bonus points for a bit of humor thrown in.

All that in just a couple sentences. The New York Times called the Twitter profile bio a “postmodern art form” and “an opportunity in 160 characters—or fewer—to cleverly synopsize one’s professional and personal accomplishments, along with a carefully edited non sequitur or two.” (source)

With a little work and my handy spreadsheet, you can create a profile that people will love and it will be consistent across all social media websites!

Click here to get a free copy of my Digital Profile Manager spreadsheet with instructions included.

If you find this information helpful, please leave me a comment below so that I know. If you would like to contact me directly, please visit my contact page here.

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