Friday, October 25, 2002

I always thought I’d want an implantable chip embedded in me when they were ready. But hmm, seems kinda silly now. Um, hello, a monthly fee for it? Uh, for the rest of my life? And what happens when it becomes old technology? blah blah blah Besides, I don’t want to be in cahoots with satan. Give it up, people.

I found this link on another site. Too funny! “Oh my god! Oh my god! Someone PLEASE take PHOTOSHOP away from him!” There’s something to be said for not expressing ALL of your creative abilities at once. Literally.

So I’ve been really struggling for a month or two trying to figure out WHY the US is playing the role of policeman with Iraq. It’s sorta long but it helped frame the situation for me. It was definitely worth the read. Com’on people, it’s history YOU’RE going to be talking about someday.

Got a call tonight from my very dear friend DP in Colorado. It was awesome to catch up with her for 2 hrs; gawd I love free longdistance! But it’s going to be too late to write much here. Not that it really matters since obviously no one is reading my posts these days. If so, maybe I would have received comments about my new header. Heeeel-loo people! (Click “comment” link and type in your comment.) Anyway, talking to her or KN always makes me want to move back. The weather is SOOOO much better than here. Hmmm, if I could trick CT into moving out there with me then I could leave here. [Note to self: start planting subliminal messages in emails to CT.]

You know you’ve had a good workout when immediately afterwards you can’t hold your arms up to twist the lock combination. Chest and back tonight then about 20 min of cardio. Pain is weakness leaving your body. Remind me of that tomorrow…

Had a total blonde-moment today. Drove (rushed) all the way out to teach lessons tonight only to find that, oops, they’re next week. *doh*

Learned about a new composer this morning on the way into work; Lettie Beckon Alston. African American female classical composer. Really good stuff. (a and some electronic piano stuff. The acoustic piano stuff was a little boring; maybe it’s fun to play.) Very interesting. Gave me some new ideas similar to some of the things I want to compose. *sigh* I wish I would spend some time composing. (Have the perfect idea for a major musical.) Never going to get there if I don’t start though. It’s not due until 2005 so I have a little time; not much.

If anyone has any ideas about why my pics don’t always post (red x’s) then please email me. Haven’t quite gotten the hang of that part yet.

Oh last thing, I think. Just something for me to remember. Tonight talking to DP, we figured out that I should compare of all these ideas/goals/dreams that have been flowing more than normal lately to the way an artist constantly dreams up new art or a composer new music. The significance to that statement for me is that I always wonder/question where these things come from and why I’m so driven. Now I won’t question so much cuz I have an answer that makes sense to me; although it may not seem obvious to many.

Nite ya’ll. Gotta do “something” before bed.

Originally posted on Blogger when I wrote under the pseudonym pianoforte.

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