Excursion to Giverny from Paris

Last weekend, i went with some friends to Giverny to show them around Claude Monet’s flower gardens while they’re in full bloom. It was the 4th time i’ve been to Giverny; but each time, it never fails to be époustouflant (which means “stunning” in French).  If you’ve got time and haven’t been there, i highly recommend you go.

You don’t need a car to go to Giverny. It is a little complicated to get there via train because you have to take a navette (bus) from where the train drops you off in a neighboring village but, i did it my first time a hundred years ago without knowing much French AND without a cell phone! (How did we ever live without smartphones back then!?) If you’re thinking about going and have any questions, i can help you…just let me know what you need.

We went early in the morning so we could avoid the rush—as you should…especially during the summer months. Otherwise, you should go later in the afternoon 2-3 hours before it closes around 18h00. If it’s going to be a hot day, you should take extra care to heed that advice.

Usually, it’s about a one hour driver. Unfortunately, my friend driving got a little lost on the way—he would tell you it was Google Map’s fault, ahem—so it took a couple hours and we didn’t arrive until just before noon…the gardens opened at 9am! 😱

After i took a couple hundred photos—mostly of flowers, my friends and i went back to the nearby village (Vernon) to pick up some things for a country picnic. Here is an album of 10 of them if you’re curious:

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