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Have you been thinking about making your own “app”? 

This is something I, myself, have been thinking about a lot. I’ve come to decide that the answer depends in a large part on the kind of business you are and/or the product/service you sell.  Also important is the “demographic” you’re targeting and the present state of the mobile ‘landscape’ in your category/niche.

But at the most important thing to consider first is…COST!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, an App is going to cost you $3,000-$5,000.  (Which, is ironic because, I know for a fact that you can create an App for around $300!)

On the OTHER HAND, there are ways to profit from iPhone apps!

Here are the 4 ways that you can profit from iPhone Apps:

  1. revenue from (.99) apps sold
  2. in-app purchases
  3. in-app advertising

Now, the BIGGEST secret that no one is talking about is the *STRATEGY* which you organize your Marketing Plan.  Meaning, before you start creating random-idea applications, you should imagine a “line” of applications that are exclusively targeted to a *specific* demographic.  For example, assume your first app is a huge success….what, EXACTLY, are you going to do next?  You need to know that before you spend money on your first app.


By creating a “network” of related apps, you can strategically build a “21st Century List” that’s not phone, mail, email, remarketing, (or FB)….but BUYERS who somehow organize around a theme


Here’s a “Shut up and do it” moment…

#1 If you haven’t started your app idea because of [any reason], you’ve failed because you haven’t started.

#2 If you have started but haven’t finished, you’ve failed because you haven’t finished.

#3 If you have started and finished, PLEASE tell me…where does a beginner start?

When you come up with a “line” of apps, you’ll be able to use the power of previous purchasers to exponentially increase you base.

Be wise,



Bernard-Joseph is a digital marketing strategist, content marketing manager, web designer, and social media expert living in Paris with over 20 years of corporate and private marketing experience. He writes about technology, productivity, travel marketing and the arts.

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