Does Your Business Need an iPhone App? – Online Marketing for Small Businesses

Have you been thinking about making your own “app”? 

This is something I, myself, have been thinking about a lot. I’ve come to decide that the answer depends in a large part on the kind of business you are and/or the product/service you sell.  Also important is the “demographic” you’re targeting and the present state of the mobile ‘landscape’ in your category/niche.

But at the most important thing to consider first is…COST!

If you don’t know what you’re doing, an App is going to cost you $3,000-$5,000.  (Which, is ironic because, I know for a fact that you can create an App for around $300!)

On the OTHER HAND, there are ways to profit from iPhone apps!

Here are the 4 ways that you can profit from iPhone Apps:

  1. revenue from (.99) apps sold
  2. in-app purchases
  3. in-app advertising

Now, the BIGGEST secret that no one is talking about is the *STRATEGY* which you organize your Marketing Plan.  Meaning, before you start creating random-idea applications, you should imagine a “line” of applications that are exclusively targeted to a *specific* demographic.  For example, assume your first app is a huge success….what, EXACTLY, are you going to do next?  You need to know that before you spend money on your first app.


By creating a “network” of related apps, you can strategically build a “21st Century List” that’s not phone, mail, email, remarketing, (or FB)….but BUYERS who somehow organize around a theme


Here’s a “Shut up and do it” moment…

#1 If you haven’t started your app idea because of [any reason], you’ve failed because you haven’t started.

#2 If you have started but haven’t finished, you’ve failed because you haven’t finished.

#3 If you have started and finished, PLEASE tell me…where does a beginner start?

When you come up with a “line” of apps, you’ll be able to use the power of previous purchasers to exponentially increase you base.

Be wise,


Bernard Burch

Bernard-Joseph is a francophone and property rental expert offering relocation & other travel services to individuals and corporations in Paris for over 10 years. Passionate about everything related to France: history, property, culture, and daily life in Paris.

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