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Digital Trends 2020: Every 1 Minute on the Internet in 2020

The following digital trends infographic—it’s the eighth edition produced by the fine folks at Domo—shows how much digital data is produced every minute of every day. It’s a truly surprising glimpse at the era we’re currently living through and makes you wonder, “why am I not investing in data servers!?”

No seriously, COVID-19 has created a big shift. For example, “before quarantine, just 15% of Americans worked from home. Now over half do.” reports Domo. I can tell you that from here in Paris, life will never be the same; at least not in my lifetime. There are no non-French tourists…in the most visited place on earth! Tour guides are giving tours online. The French government continues to move online. It just feels like we’ve turned a major corner, somehow.

Here are a few of the digital trends that jumped out at me (say to yourself, “Every. Minute.” after each point):


  • Consumers spend $1,000,000 online
  • Instagram users post 347,222 stories
  • Facebook users share 150,000 messages
  • WhatsApp users share 41,666,667 messages
  • Zoom hosts 208,333 participants in meetings
  • Netflix users stream 404, 444 hours of video
  • Youtube users upload 500 hours of video
  • LinkedIn users apply for 69,444 jobs

Obviously, look at each data point and see if it affects your business. For me, it opens up questions. Like…
$1 million per minute = $60/hour * 24 hours * 365 days = $525.6 billion dollars …is the value of the everyday “surface web” $525.6 billion ? Out of curiosity, what is the “deep web” value?

The other thing I find overwhelming to think about is the astonishing amount of data that Mark Zuckerberg is responsible for with Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp data combined.

Finally, this information tucked in at the bottom was enlightening:

“The world’s internet population is growing significantly year over year. As of April 2020, **the internet reaches 59% of the world’s population and now represents 4.57 billion people** — a 6% increase from January 2019.”

Anyway, I came across this data and thought I’d share it.

Please leave a comment below if you find anything “eye-popping”.

Digital Trends for 2020

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