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Cubase Patissier Etude

The first time i heard this theme four years ago, i Shazamed it…only to find out it doesn’t register. Since then, i’ve been obsessed with it.

Now that i’ve immersed myself in Cubase and am feeling more comfortable with it, i’ve used this theme to help me learn more about this amazing software.

i took a sample of the theme from the television emission and created a little “etude” using the trial software orchestra sounds (#VST) from Steinberg.

Please note that the REALLY good sounds that you hear in the movies… cost thousands (and thousandssss) of dollars and i can’t afford them yet.

i plan on buying them one day, but until my budget permits, please pardon the “palette” i’m using. It shouldn’t sound like an Nintendo 4, so i hope you enjoy it.

P.S. If you know who composed this theme, please tell me because A.) i’d like to “follow” them; and B.) i’d like to give them credit.


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