CloudHQ: How To Move Dropbox Files To Google Drive

Before moving to another country, I decided to back everything I owned up to Dropbox. By “everything I owned” I mean every thing I could digitize and put on a computer. That included books, music, DVDs (shh), photos, etc.

I spent about a year digitizing everything I owned. Then, I simply spent 3-4 days uploading all of that content from my hard drive to Dropbox. Now, mind you, I paid DEARLY for that cloud space! $49 per month for 500 gigs of space. At one time…about 6-9 months ago, that price was ok. But then, Google dropped the prices of their Drive cloud space. Now I can get 1 terabyte of Google Drive space for $9.99!

So, I’ve moved almost 500 gigs of data from Dropbox to Google Drive. It took me a long time to figure out how to do it so I thought I’d document it in case others might find my solution useful.

What I found is called Basically, it’s a service that allows you to copy (or backup) data from one cloud service to another. For me, I wanted to transfer my Dropbox files to Google Drive…all across the cloud. (The Dropbox files were not on my computer so this is not easy!) allowed me to copy all the files from one cloud service to another. It was amazingly easy. (Don’t believe me?  Ask questions in the comments below!)  I just clicked a few buttons!

I struggled for MONTHS trying to find something that would do what CloudHQ does!  And, I pay them $9.99/mth and $9.99 to Google Drive (for 1 terabyte)…so that’s $20/mth for 2x the space at Dropbox, which charged me $50/mth.  Basically, I saved $30/mth for twice the cloud space.

I <3!

“Old timer” digital nomads like me have years and years of files to backup and no little laptop hard drive is going to be large enough to hold everything. For $9.99 (7,5€) per month, I get my own 1 terabyte hard drive in the sky.

So if you want to check it out, click here to go to  (Not an affiliate link.)

P.S.  It backs up SO much more than just Dropbox and Google.  Take a look at the services it links to:


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