6 Key Concepts of Mobile Marketing Success

Mobile Marketing

If you want to implement mobile marketing strategies, you’ll want to make sure you are doing everything the “right way.” You must have a good understanding of mobile marketing and how it has developed. Obviously, there is much to consider. Keep the following in mind as you plan your mobile marketing strategy.

Mobile Commerce

If you sell products online, you must remember that your mobile users need to know where to go for mobile transactions. Maybe you already have mobile commerce available. (Maybe not?)  If so, your customers will need to know about your mobile site. Auto-redirect them by adding a script to your site. Plus, it’s a good idea to add a link to the bottom of your site that will allow your customers to switch between the regular version and the mobile version….which brings me to…

Mobile Website

You need a mobile version of your website. Full stop. If you simply send mobile users to your main site, then obviously, their mobile browser will be the platform for that content. Have you ever tried to browse a “regular” website on a tiny mobile screen? Annoying, isn’t it?  This is why you need a “special” version of your site. Be aware that there are many different types of phones and their capabilities vary. The simpler your mobile site is the better. Assume that if someone is on your website on their mobile phone, they are just looking for a few certain things.

Mobile Advertising

Similarly, make sure the content you use in your mobile marketing campaign is short, simple, and it asks the customer to do something. Do you want them to purchase your new product? Do you want them to call you? Do you want to collect email addresses? Whatever it is that you want them to do, make sure it is clear and brief.

QR Codes

The use of QR codes—both online and “offline”—is a good idea because curious customers love scanning them with their phones. With that said, QR codes are only relevant to certain “types” of customers. If it makes sense to use them for your clientele, use them smartly. (e.g. use different ones to track different types of ads)

Mobile Email Opt-Ins

Almost without exception, you should be trying to capture an email address from EVERY customer who visits your website. With that said, you want to make sure everything about your opt-in / opt-out procedure is legitimate. This means that you want to make sure the customer knows what they are getting when they sign up and you immediately follow through. Then, when they want out, make it easy on them so there are no “hard feelings.”

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications are becoming easier and easier to create. Mobile apps might not be for every business but if you have (or want to have) regular customers, you might consider what ways a mobile application could benefit them. Also, you can have both MMS and SMS campaigns. (These are especially useful for businesses like restaurants that can offer various daily discounts.)

Mobile marketing success is achievable if you come up with a detailed and multi-faceted plan. You might need to pursue a few different options to figure out what your customers like best. If you’re reading this, I doubt that I need to elucidate the staggering (world-wide) growth of mobile browsing in 2012. And the growth curve for 2013 (and beyond) is still practically straight upwards.

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BONUS: Mobile Redirect Script

Here is a script you can install on your website that will detect whether a visitor to your website is using a mobile browser and, if so, will send the visitor to your mobile site.


Bernard-Joseph is a digital marketing strategist, content marketing manager, web designer, and social media expert living in Paris with over 20 years of corporate and private marketing experience. He writes about technology, productivity, travel marketing and the arts.

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