Learning How To Be Alone

how-to-be-aloneToday, one of my heroes posted about the act of learning how to be alone with himself; admitting how hard it’s been for him. I smiled to myself a little because I thought, “FINALLY, something I can do better than him!” Well that got me thinking about how I, myself, learned not only to be happy alone but specifically *how* I learned it. How did I do that…?

Then I came across this letter Seneca wrote to one of his students around 2,000 years ago. In no way, shape or form am I comparing myself to Seneca. With that being said, I’ve definitely gotten on the same path as the Stoic philosophers of ancient Rome and Greece and find it exhillerating so far! Not only has it been good for my online business, but also my spirit—or, as Gurdjieff puts it, “my essence”—and things keep coming together for me faster and faster.  WHY didn’t I get my shit together 15 years ago!? (Oh well, I’m here now so let’s rock it!)

If you’re curious about the Seneca passage, (more…)


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