100 Things About Moi (in 2002)

This ought to keep you busy!

  1. I’m a Virgo (very very very Virgo)
  2. My birthday is August 29 if you feel like buying me a gift.
  3. I was born and grew up mostly in Indiana but have also lived in Tuscon, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; Washington, DC; and now Minneapolis, MN.
  4. I’ve moved 10 times in one year.
  5. I have 6 sisters….I am the oldest of 7 girls. 😀
  6. I hold a B.S. in Music Business
  7. My current occupation is Entertainment Marketing.
  8. I’ve been doing it for 7 years.
  9. I have A LOT of CDs.
  10. I have worked in more restaurants than I care to recall….starting at the age of 14.
  11. I touched my first (you know) when I was in 2nd grade….haven’t stopped touching them since.
  12. I’ve never had sex with a woman.
  13. …I sometimes wonder if I would like it.
  14. I buy books the way most gay men buy clothes.
  15. I’ve never had a broken bone.
  16. I’m a classically trained pianist.
  17. Except for 4 years of training in college, I taught myself to play piano.
  18. I also taught myself to play all band instruments except bassoon.
  19. I used to skip highschool and stay home all day practicing instruments.
  20. I’ve only been in love 2 times in my life.
  21. I haven’t really dated men other than that.
  22. It always suprises me when someone likes me.
  23. I don’t have any tatoos (but I want at least one.)
  24. My ears have 3 piercings. I don’t much wear ear rings anymore.
  25. I swimming in lakes makes me nervous.
  26. I have premonitions of being shot in the head by a stranger.
  27. I don’t watch TV.
  28. Blue is my favorite color.
  29. I never give money to homeless people.
  30. I grew up on a farm.
  31. I can drive a tractor.
  32. I’ve hunted and killed rabbits and squirrels.
  33. I’ve also chopped off their heads and pealed the skin from their flesh.
  34. I love to see snow falling.
  35. I refuse to shop in a Walmart
  36. I HATE when people tell me I can’t or they can’t do something.
  37. I love red wine.
  38. I don’t drink alcohol anymore.
  39. I quit smoking 8 years ago on a dare.
  40. I would love to live in Chicago.
  41. …or the mountains of Colorado.
  42. NYC is only a place I like to visit.
  43. More than anything, I want to live in France for 5-10 years.
  44. I have A LOT of goals…they scare me.
  45. I spent my “formative” gay years around drag queens. (I’ve only dressed in drag once.)
  46. I am not a morning person. (At all.)
  47. People are often afraid of me.
  48. …I think that’s funny.
  49. I always got in trouble in school for asking too many questions.
  50. …I still ask too many questions.
  51. I believe everything happens for a reason.
  52. I am an INTJ.
  53. I wish I could speak French (I can a little and will someday.)
  54. I’m too creative for my own good.
  55. I am very good (and happy) at being alone with myself….I wish I wasn’t.
  56. Sometimes I’m “high-maintainence”
  57. Somtimes I like to act “dingy”. It makes me laugh.
  58. I’m a Macintosh addict.
  59. I don’t remember much of my early childhood.
  60. People tell me I’m good at teaching and directing others.
  61. …I have to admit I agree.
  62. My religious beliefs are inline with “Science of Mind” and Ernest Holmes.
  63. I dream in color.
  64. When I dream, I often know I am dreaming and do stupid things just to scare me; like jump off buildings and have monsters chase me.
  65. Big uncut cocks fascinate me on so many levels.
  66. Olders guys always think I’m hot….I like younger guys
  67. I wish I didn’t love to sleep so much.
  68. I tend to be overly opinionated.
  69. I am usually right.
  70. Rarely is anything I do ever good enough for me.
  71. I expect to do something to change the world for the better.
  72. I can eat most any food.
  73. Library books I check out are always returned late…so’s everything else I borrow.
  74. Rebel boys with cool tattoos are incredibly attractive to me….so are jocks…ok, I like lots of guys.
  75. I tend to speak in generalities.
  76. I am hopeless at keeping in contact with people.
  77. Boxerbriefs.
  78. I do not wear glasses.
  79. I can’t read out of one eye.
  80. My wisdom teeth have been removed.
  81. I’m a great cook, but rarely do it anymore.
  82. I love loud windy rain storms
  83. I had spinal mengitis as a child
  84. I love watching hockey.
  85. I wanted to be a band teacher.
  86. I have seen the Northern Lights
  87. I have never been in a physical fight with someone.
  88. I’ve been “frog-giggin'” (People wonder why I hate Indiana.)
  89. I wish I had a brother.
  90. I have fear of abandonment issues that I’m afraid to work out.
  91. I have very little patience behind the wheel of a car.
  92. I curse like a sailor most of the time.
  93. I have been to the following foreign countries, England, France, Italy and Spain.
  94. I still want to go to Greece, Ireland, Australia, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Africa and South America.
  95. I get very cranky when I’m hungry.
  96. Until this year, I always thought I was an extrovert. I’m not. I just pretend to be.
  97. I have expensive tastes but not the budget for them.
  98. Sometimes I’m afraid I will be alone all my life.
  99. I’m never attracted to guys that like me too much.
  100. I have a major crush on Justin Timberlake.

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