Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I’m Bernard-Joseph Burch, a digital marketing strategist, web designer, and social media expert living in Paris with passions for technology & the future of travel and the arts.

I enjoy helping overwhelmed business owners & entrepreneurs generate more revenue for their online business using strategic marketing campaigns, competitive analysis and marketing automation tools.

LEAD GENERATION & Email marketing

Let's face it, your website needs to convert "lookers" into "buyers." Let's create a plan to drive more more customers to your site and increase the conversion rate of those who arrive. Using customized landing pages and targeted email marketing campaigns, we can turn your website into a sales person who works 24/7.


Not a branding expert? No problem. I am! I've worked at multi-million dollar corporations and hired Madison Avenue advertising agencies. When we work together, you can tap into my 25+ years of experience and create a powerful brand throughout your website, social media, print and paid advertising campaigns.

content marketing

Are you or a team member great at producing content but lack the knowledge how best to use it? I can teach you how to be good on camera, take beautiful photos, and publish that content everywhere your customers are looking—blog, social media, email—or you can give to me to edit and publish across all marketing channels.

WEB DESIGN & development

Are you looking to "remodel" your website? Maybe add/update a few WordPress pages? I have been building websites since before Google existed! Whether you need a new personal brand site with retargeting and analytics installed or an enterprise redesign with SaaS integration, you can count on me to manage and deliver the final project on time and under budget.

SOCIAL MEDIA marketing

You don't have to be on all of the (100+) social media websites, but you should have a specific blueprint for the ones you are using and a way to analyze their results. It is also important to choose the correct voice for your brand and communicate with your followers. I can do this for you or show your team how to automate everything.


It's possible you don't need to do much on Twitter or Snapchat. But it's also possible you should be putting all your effort in a place you haven't considered. I follow the hottest tech trends and guide you to using the latest digital marketing tricks to effectively reach your target audience...just like I've reached you here! How did you get here anyway!?

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